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Rough Waters

I Feel Like I’ve Fallen
Trapped By This Disgrace
My Heart Was Losing All Trace
Of It’s Former Glory
Darkness Engulfed Me
Till I Felt Lost
Then The Light of The World Found Me
And Said I Heard
Your Heart Cry
And The Light
Showed Me Everlasting Love
And Said
Now Let’s Write A
New Heartsong Together
Then Slowly I Transformed
From My Tragedy
I Rose Above
Like A Phoenix
Beginning Anew
For The Old Order of Things
Had Passed Away
For The Light of The World
Is Always With Me
My Hope Finally Restored
I Now Live With A Light Step
And The Love In My Heart Restored


Published by bluesongbird12

Welcome to My Poetry Journal. My Poem's & Haiku's are about Faith, God's Love & Praise, Nature, Love, The Ocean, and Music, mostly Punk Rock & Ska. I'm also the freelance publisher at Ska Bird's Publishing House on Facebook & Instagram, and I'm also on Twitter. I'm a member of The Accidental Writers Guild, and host of The Prayer Box Podcast on Facebook.

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