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Sunflower 🌻

Put It in Your Heart ❤That By BelievingIn His NameYou Have LifeHe Gave You a Sunrise 🌅Put It In Your HeartThat By BelievingIn His NameYou Have LifeHe Gave You a Sunset 🌇Put It in Your Heart ❤As He Helps YouFind The LightPut It in Your Heart ❤

Rough Waters

I Feel Like I’ve FallenTrapped By This DisgraceMy Heart Was Losing All TraceOf It’s Former GloryDarkness Engulfed MeTill I Felt LostThen The Light of The World Found MeAnd Said I HeardYour Heart CryAnd The LightShowed Me Everlasting LoveAnd SaidNow Let’s Write ANew Heartsong TogetherThen Slowly I TransformedFrom My TragedyI Rose AboveLike A PhoenixBeginning AnewFor TheContinue reading “Rough Waters”


Thank You For Reviving The Light Chasing The Darkness Away So That I May Enjoy The Day I Love You LORD For Everything That You Do You Put The Joy Back In My Heart When My Days Used To Be So Bleak I Love You LORD Thank You Reviving The Light The Darkness Is AfraidContinue reading “Gratitude”