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Gospel Youth

Gospel Youth
Don’t Fall Asleep
Spur Each Other On
In Prayer
Follow In
Jesus’s Steps
And Become
God’s Sword
Spouting His Word
For God
Will Reveal Himself
To You
In Scripture
And As We Carry On
Towards Mount Zion
God’s Church
Is Everyone’s Church
So Gospel Youth
Spur Each Other On
In Prayer


Published by bluesongbird12

Welcome to My Poetry Journal. My Poem's & Haiku's are about Faith, God's Love & Praise, Nature, Love, The Ocean, and Music, mostly Punk Rock & Ska. I'm also the freelance publisher at Ska Bird's Publishing House on Facebook & Instagram, and I'm also on Twitter. I'm a member of The Accidental Writers Guild, and host of The Prayer Box Podcast on Facebook.

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