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Pool You In

Walking Along The ShoreScreeching Gulls OverheadSplashing WavesSoaked To The Knees With Sea FoamWalking Along The ShoreSpotting Off To The SideLow and BeholdAnother Mini Sea of WaterFull of Life of Another KindA Tide PoolPooling You InTo The Wonders InsideVibrant ColorsA Tide PoolFull of Life of Another KindPooling You InTo What’s InsideCoral Reef, Hermit Crabs,Abalone Shells,And littleContinue reading “Pool You In”

The Drumming Desert Hare

Drumming To His Own BeatThe Desert HareDrumming at a Pace No One Else HearsNight After NightDrumming To His Own BeatDay After DayMaking a Drumming BeatWhile Running Thru The DesertTo a Beat No One Else Hears But The HareDrumming To His Own Beat

Down in The Valley

The Lion of Judah ProtectingHis Little LambsDown in The ValleyWe Rejoice On The Grayest DayTo The Everlasting CovenantBuilt OnJoy & TrustAs You Guide UsOn The Path ToGreen PasturesDown in The ValleyGreat Are You LORDThe Lion of JudahProtecting His Little LambsDown in The Valley

Star Cat

Star Cat, Star Cat… Gazing Up At The Night Sky Wondering How Far She Had To Go To Get Back Up To Touch The Night Sky To Almost Reach The Stars To Dance With The Moon Star Cat, Star Cat… Gazing Up At The Night Sky Staring At The Moon And The Stars Twinkling ByContinue reading “Star Cat”

🌈 Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain Colors Bright Falling From The Sky Like Heaven’s Light Rainbow Rain Such A Sight With Colors Oh So Bright Like Heaven’s Light’s For Even After The Worst Rainstorm There is A Rainbow