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Brother Jesus

Folsom Falls

Folsom FallsWith It’s Clear WaterfallsOn It’s Cliff On HighI PerchedNearly Falling Into The Lagoon BelowWith a Bird’s Eye ViewTaking In The Lush Beauty of ColorsTiger Lillies, Butterflies, and GreeneryI PerchedOn It’s Cliff On HighWith It’s Clear WaterfallsNearly Falling Into The Lagoon BelowBut Still I Dream ofTiger Lillies, Butterflies, and GreeneryAt Folsom FallsWith It’s Clear Waterfalls

Stainless Steel

Cowboy HatsEyes Made of Stainless SteelWild MustangsGod’s Wild CountryUnmarked TrailsCowboy Boots Weren’t Meant For WalkingThey Were Meant For Riding!Wild MustangsIn God’s Wild CountryA Good Cowboy Never LeavesTheir Hat Behind!In God’s Wild CountryWe Never LeaveOur Faith Behind!So Hat’s Off ToGod’s Wild Country