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Pool You In

Walking Along The Shore
Screeching Gulls Overhead
Splashing Waves
Soaked To The Knees With Sea Foam
Walking Along The Shore
Spotting Off To The Side
Low and Behold
Another Mini Sea of Water
Full of Life of Another Kind
A Tide Pool
Pooling You In
To The Wonders Inside
Vibrant Colors
A Tide Pool
Full of Life of Another Kind
Pooling You In
To What’s Inside
Coral Reef, Hermit Crabs,
Abalone Shells,
And little Colored Fish
Of All Kinds
The Tide Pool
Off To The Side of The Shore
Full of Life of Another Kind
Pooling You In
Off The Shoreline


Published by bluesongbird12

Welcome to My Poetry Journal. My Poem's & Haiku's are about Faith, God's Love & Praise, Nature, Love, The Ocean, and Music, mostly Punk Rock & Ska. I'm also the freelance publisher at Ska Bird's Publishing House on Facebook & Instagram, and I'm also on Twitter. I'm a member of The Accidental Writers Guild, and host of The Prayer Box Podcast on Facebook.

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