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🏜Desert Rose 🌹

My Mother’s Stall at The Marketplace
Full of Wonders and Works
Every Bead Weaved Together
To Make Marvels
All of Them a Beauty Unto Their Own
Every Day She Crafts Something New
Necklace or Bracelet
Pendant After Pendant
Earrings To Match
Her Lovely Wonders and Works
My Mother’s Stall At The Marketplace
Brings Joy To All Who Look Upon It
Like Any Other Desert Rose


Published by bluesongbird12

Welcome to My Poetry Journal. My Poem's & Haiku's are about Faith, God's Love & Praise, Nature, Love, The Ocean, and Music, mostly Punk Rock & Ska. I'm also the freelance publisher at Ska Bird's Publishing House on Facebook & Instagram, and I'm also on Twitter. I'm a member of The Accidental Writers Guild, and host of The Prayer Box Podcast on Facebook.

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