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Coyote Alleyway (dedicated to all my friends)

Coyote Alleyway
Is Where I Used To Hangout
With The Other Wild Dogs
We Roamed
Welcoming Others Into The Pack
Just A Couple of Confused Pups We Were
But We Always Had Love
We Howled In Unity To The Moon
With The Same Ol’ Song
Punk Rock Was Her Name
Just A Couple of Confused Pups We Were
With No Where Else To Be
Now We’ve Dispersed
To The North, West, South, and East
But One Pack We Still Remain
Till This Very Day
Love and Family


Published by bluesongbird12

Welcome to My Poetry Journal. My Poem's & Haiku's are about Faith, God's Love & Praise, Nature, Love, The Ocean, and Music, mostly Punk Rock & Ska. I'm also the freelance publisher at Ska Bird's Publishing House on Facebook & Instagram, and I'm also on Twitter. I'm a member of The Accidental Writers Guild, and host of The Prayer Box Podcast on Facebook.

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