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The Way of Love

The Way of Love A Reason To Smile I’d Forgotten How To Smile Till The Day I Met You Your Always In My Dreams My Heart Fills With Hope You Now Give Me A Reason To Smile The Way of Love Brings Peace To My Soul Now I Feel Whole The Way of Love AContinue reading “The Way of Love”

Sorrow’s End

Anxiety. Fear. Stress. Depression. Sorrow’s End When is it Near? When is it Here? This Constant Battle of The Minds Sorrow’s End Is Almost Near. Is Almost Here. His Name is Jesus of Nazareth Sorrow’s End.

Night Star 🌟

I Saw Your Star Shine In The Pitch Black Night How Lonely You Looked As Lonely As I Felt More Unique Than Any I’ve Seen Before Twinkling Before The Twilight I Saw Your Star Shine In The Pitch Black Night Words Fail Me To Give You A Name To Your Twilight I Saw Your StarContinue reading “Night Star 🌟”

The LORD’s Lighthouse

The LORD’s Lighthouse On The Shore Some days The Shoreline Seems Far Seems Close My Guiding Light The LORD Troubled Waters My Ship A Broken Vessel I Can See The LORD’s Lighthouse Closer Everyday One Day My Ship Will Dock On Our Brother’s Shore My Guiding Light The LORD My Guiding Light Thru Troubled Waters

Tending The Garden

Plant Seeds of Peace Plant Seeds of Love Plant Seeds of Faith Plant Seeds of Joy Plant Seeds of Goodness Plant Seeds of Hope Thru Power of Prayer